How to prepare for a fun afternoon of building

So you have finally bought one of our kits to commemorate your special pet. You are about to start building it in the afternoon, and you're excited! What do you do to make sure everything is perfect for giving you the best building environment? 

  • Snacks – Keep some snacks around! Building one of our kits can take up a fair bit of time, and you would not want an empty stomach to take away from the fun! We suggest that you opt for dry snacks because sticky fingers might not be the best for building. 

  • Music – Keep the mood up! Play your favorite music for a perfect atmosphere, be it energetic music to make you feel pumped for your afternoon task or soothing songs that will blend in with the background as you build. We'd recommend a playlist of all your favorite songs that include both the categories mentioned above. Who doesn't like the vibe that music brings to life? 

  • Temperature – Keep the room's temperature-controlled for the best experience! Switch on the AC if you'd like to keep cool, or the heater if it is chilly outside! The more comfortable you are, the more fun you will have. 

  • Pets – You know your pet best, so where would you want to keep them as you build? If your pet is energetic and hyperactive, you might want to consider leaving them in a different room just so they don't knock over your blocks out of excitement. If you think they'll behave, let them stay and watch! 

  • Children – If you have or are building the figurine with children, show them how to do it. Regardless, the main goal is to have fun, and our blocks are sturdy enough to withstand falls! 

  • Space – Make sure that you have enough floor and room space for your figurine. We would hate for you to start building and then discover that you've run out of room! The dimensions and measurements of each figurine are mentioned, if you are unsure, we would suggest measuring the building area with a tape just to be sure. 

  • Building manual – Keep our manual handy! As there will be a lot of blocks, it is easy to get confused or lose some. To complete building your pet, refer to the manual and follow the mentioned steps and your figurine will be ready in no time. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

  • Blocks – This might seem like quite an obvious thing to prepare, but make sure you have all the blocks! Any missing block will affect the final product; we want our figurines to be a perfect representation of your pet, and you need all the blocks to achieve that! Contact us if you believe you are missing a block. If they are all intact, you are ready to start!

As you start building, please remember that the goal is to have as much fun with it as you can. We hope that our high-quality replicas of your pets will be a memory to cherish for an entire lifetime. 

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